Do you use synthetic leather?

Never. All our leather is 100% real, sourced with consummate dedication and care, and of the finest Italian quality.

Is the gold you use ever plated?

Definitely not. We only ever use 18-carat rose or white gold, to give our pieces a look and feel that is sublime, luxurious and exudes quality.

Do you really source your materials from around the world?

Yes. From exotic leathers to the most precious of stones, unearthing only the very best materials for our pieces is our ceaseless obsession.

Are the Maestro and Orchestra pieces truly limited?

Absolutely. Due to the intricate nature of their design and exclusivity of their production, the Legacy Maestro is limited to just 50 pieces worldwide, whilst the Legacy Orchestra is limited to just 500 pieces.

Are any of your pieces ever mass produced?

Never. All collections created by Parham Ramezani are painstakingly and lovingly created by hand by master craftsmen, who are truly masters of their art.

How are the pieces supplied?

As befits their exclusivity and unique craftsmanship. Each Legacy Collection piece comes presented immaculately and stylishly in natural wood and Alcantara, heralding the mystique, majesty and magnificence of what is to come.

Why are the Legacy Collection pieces named the way they are?

The Legacy Collection was inspired by the artistry, musicality and flair of La Scala in Milan. Thus, their names reflect this: Maestro… Orchestra… Symphony.

How many gems does the Legacy Maestro have?

The Legacy Maestro has 106 glittering diamonds, as well as an exquisite centrepiece black diamond on each cylinder.

What other kind of premium metal is the Legacy Maestro made from?

The Legacy Maestro is made of more than 95 grams of highest grade platinum.

How many gems does the Legacy Orchestra have?

The Legacy Orchestra has 42 shimmering diamonds, as well as a stunning ruby centrepiece on each cylinder.

How many gems does the Legacy Symphony have?

The Legacy Symphony has a stunning ruby centrepiece on each cylinder.

How can I purchase a Parham Ramezani Milano Legacy Collection piece?

There are two ways. Firstly, you may browse the pieces on this website and make your purchase online. Alternatively, visit our Boutiques section to find your nearest Parham Ramezani Milano stockist.

How can I stay up-to-date about the latest collections from Parham Ramezani?

It’s simple. Visit our Newsletter page and complete your details to become a part of the Parham Ramezani story.

Do you have an aftersales service?

Yes. You can discover more about things such as polishing, leather change and warranty here.

Has Parham Ramezani featured in the press?

You can find recent appearances here.

Can I download a brochure?

With pleasure. Simply click here for a downloadable PDF brochure, accessible on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Do you have any plans for an app?

If the demand is there, we will certainly consider producing an app for both iPhone and Android! Please watch this space…