We’ve had a phenomenal 2017 and we’re now looking ahead to an even more successful 2018. Speed is pretty crucial as we seek to build on the momentum we’ve generated this year. And talking of speed, we had a hugely successful experience for the brand in Dubai.

This was a gathering of some of the key players in Dubai including celebrity guests and some key social media influencers. And we had something truly special to share with them, in the form of the extremely exclusive, one-off addition of the Legacy Collection Bijan.

Only one of these pieces will ever be made – so it is a truly unique piece, as befitting a style icon like Bijan, someone who has designed for European royalty and Hollywood royalty alike. Featuring pure white gold, yellow strap and the Bijan logo, this unique piece will now be sold at auction, where we hope to achieve the highest price possible which will go to a very worthwhile charity.

An incredible event and a truly special Legacy Collection piece, remembering a man who, will always be a true inspiration.


Sept 2017 – Established in Milan and inspired by incomparable Italian panache, Parham Ramezani are a passionate and pioneering jewellery brand driven to create innovative, sophisticated designs. Inspired by the beauty of Italian design with an obsessive attention to detail and dedication to sourcing the finest materials, Parham Ramezani craft ground-breaking jewellery pieces. The unique brand aims to redefine standards for jewellery design by creating statement pieces for a new generation.

Founder, Parham Ramezani, comments: “We are a brand born in Milan, that seeks to spread our innovative design ethos to a truly global audience. Our company aesthetic stems from an unquenchable passion for curating jewellery, intertwined with the Italian tradition of design combined with luxury craftsmanship and innovation. We are dedicated to a new type of jewellery: sophisticated, urbane, unique… stylish, and exuding an understated class”.

Parham Ramezani have created the unmistakeable ‘Legacy Collection’, which comprises of three bracelets; ‘Maestro’, ‘Orchestra’ and ‘Symphony’. Each bracelet from the founding collection resonates a unique aesthetic which combines innovative design with the Italian tradition of luxury craftsmanship. The objective behind the design is to create a new type of jewellery that is sophisticated, urbane and unique.

Premium materials from around the world were curated to produce the boutique collection. Exotic leathers are used alongside precious stones which are locked in place with either platinum or solid gold. Each precious stone is hand-picked with utter precision and chosen for their unmatched clarity. Every detail reflects hours of extreme concentration, passionate craftsmanship and meticulous work to produce jewellery that is bold, breath-taking, modern and current with a contemporary quality.

The inspiration behind the Legacy Collection comes from the majesty of La Scala, the Opera house in Milan, home to some of Italy’s most notable historic composers and their creations. Their spirits come alive in the theatre through their beautiful music in the perfect symmetry of pitch, precision, passion and purpose. Stimulated by this exceptional combination, Parham Ramezani has created a collection with unmatched talent and craftsmanship.



Exotic leather envelopes the wrist, whilst more than 100 glittering diamonds burn with a brilliance that hypnotizes and thrills, mesmerizes the wearer, elevating the soul. Bold, yet effortless. Striking, yet graceful. Majestic, yet sublime. Maestro is a piece of jewellery that is bold, breath-taking and truly unique.


Elegantly imposing yet magnificently balanced and created with vision, Orchestra is a stunning combination of passion and purpose. With more than 60 grams of 18- carat shimmering rose or white gold, with a stunning centre piece of ruby and offering the piece de resistance; 42 spectacular diamonds and two dazzling rubies which are unique, unparalleled, irresistible, designed to dazzle, delight and to make your spirit soar.


Masterful craftsmanship finds its truest expression, in ways which will stun, beguile and entrance. An idiosyncratic combination of the classic and the unconventional. Symphony makes the boldest of statements, and is as unique as the person that wears it.

Prices in The Legacy Collection start from €9,600.00.