Parham Ramezani After Sales Services


Perfection deserves to be cared for. We do this in three ways…


For your peace of mind, we offer a warranty to cover your precious new Parham Ramezani creation. Please be aware, the limited warranty does not apply if there is evidence of misuse or abuse (i.e. impact). Damage resulting from service provided anywhere other than at an approved Parham Ramezani Service Centre is not covered and renders the warranty null and void.


Our polishing service is free and ensures that your piece looks as incredible as it did the first time it was taken out of the box. Please note, this service is available for the first year only and you have the option either to send your piece to us direct or return it to the boutique you purchased it from.


Leather change is available, to ensure that this vital element of your Parham Ramezani piece looks as pristine as it did when you first acquired it. You may either send the piece to us direct, or return it to the boutique you purchased it from. Please note, there is a charge for this service, and we will endeavour to carry out the leather change as quickly and efficiently as possible.